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Inspiring clients to share their hearts

Bottom line, results are what matter: happy clients, delighted guests, and a successful party or event. Time after time, Events by Yvonne delivers. Don’t take our word for it - read what past and current clients have to say. . .

"Thanks, Yvonne, for the awesome video montage you incorporated into the evening, and for one of the best-organized celebrations we've attended." 

                   - Doug and Lynette M, Guests

IMG_1092 (1).jpg

"Yvonne - Word of your  fantastic party planning skills are spreading far and wide (I have seen your magic with your Cruise Ship Fun-Tacular a while back).  It sounds like the Gala celebration was just spectacular.  No stone left unturned to make it memorable and fitting for the occasion.  Congratulations!"

                                                                         - D.  Knight

"I had the pleasure of being part of an event envisioned, planned, and hosted by Yvonne.  A three-day retreat with multiple groups of participants and guests, music, lodging, meals, film crew, and more.  Yvonne was amazing to work with, always pleasant and in control.  It was well planned - a complete and resounding success!"

                              - Budd Carr

                                 Film Music Supervisor 

"You produced, directed, and created a fabulous 100th celebration was remarkable!I can't wait until you do the 200th!"                                                                                                                                                      - Norm R.

"I have attended & hosted several varied events produced by Yvonne and she truly brings a "magic" and level of professionalism to everything, and everyone, she engages with.  She's simply brilliant both on and off the stage!  Clients and guests alike are consistently delighted, and I'm one of them.  Creative, thorough, professional, guiding, friendly... that's Yvonne!"

                         - Frank P., Client & Guest

"The committee and Yvonne did a great job on the party, it was a great evening, quite magical!  It will be an evening everyone will  remember.  Yvonne – My husband can’ t quit talking about how brilliant you are!!"


                - Mary Mc Cambridge, Guest

"Yvonne - My partner and I thank you and celebrate you for the amazing production of last night's celebration. Where do you tap into such energy?   We’ll have what you’re having! 😊"

                                                      - P. Williams, Guest



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"Yvonne planned my sister's milestone birthday for me. I was so busy with work that I couldn't handle both work and the party planning process. I was referred to Yvonne and she made such an impression on me that I gave full reign to plan the party. The party and details went beyond my expectations, and her fee very reasonable.  She's truly a pro and very creative. My sister was blown away by her party. Thank you Yvonne!"

                                     - Yvonne McKinley, Client

"Congratulations on a fabulous evening.  It could not have been better in any way."

                                  - T. Emslie

Petlow at Fiesta celebration_edited.jpg
girls on dance floor cropped.jpg

"Yvonne is the BEST.  We hired her because we knew she could really pull off our 100 year anniversary of the Rotary Club.  Her ideas were endless. She, by far, exceeded our expectations by producing a 1920s themed event. Her music selection and Master of Ceremony skills motivated a packed dance floor. Our event was executed well under budget, thanks to Yvonne's prowess. Yvonne is a pro at what she does - even the professional Audio/Visual guy from the conference center  of our celebration said this was the most organized, professional extravaganza he's ever seen.  KUDOS TO YVONNE!"

                                                                        - Carol Stark, Client



-Yvonne's absolutely-impossible-to-please mother-in-law
on the family Christmas party

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